Swimming in wild rivers, in Southern Catalonia.

Swimming places in the river near Arnes

In southern Catalonia, one finds  the ‘Parque Natural de los Ports de Beseit’ and massif: high, wild mountains , between which flow various rivers of crystal clear water that provide numerous opportunities for swimming. There are different routes we could take here on foot, some of just a few hours and others lasting a whole day. The luxuriant woods in this area hide caves, potholes, ravines and surprising rock formations, amongst which live wild boars and goats. Town hall in ArnesLikewise, the villages in this area seem to be caught in time, with charming nooks and corners, all of a medieval air, such as at Arnes. The great painter Pablo Picasso spent some time in Horta de Sant Joan, where it’s said he learned all he knew.

Two whole days minimum return excursion, starting off from your accommodation point, with one (or two) nights in a hotel or CRP.

Roques de BenetEls Estrets d'Arnes

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