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The following are some of my suggestions or possible itineraries and outings that I can take you on, whether for just a few hours, one or more whole days. Some are better known than others, well off the beaten tourist track. I can of course suit myself to your own particular wishes and interests, making other suggestions or put together a tailor made programme. Please tell what you like best! The possibilities are almost endless! Don’t hesitate to ask me!

Benedictines and Cistercians: The Reconquest in the South of Catalonia.

Sleeping room in the benedictine monastery of PobletThroughout the 12th century, the counts of Barcelona made a fresh drive against the reigning moors, thereby extending their re-conquests towards the south. The cities of Tarragona and Lleida were taken, as was the whole region up to the Ebro River. Continue reading

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Bicycle trip round the Ebro Delta.

Restaurant on the seaThe Ebro Delta is an extensive, flatland to the south of Catalonia, which apart from its beaches, provides Continue reading

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Swimming in wild rivers, in Southern Catalonia.

Swimming places in the river near Arnes

In southern Catalonia, one finds  the ‘Parque Natural de los Ports de Beseit’ and massif: high, wild mountains , between which flow various rivers of crystal clear water that provide numerous opportunities for swimming. Continue reading

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