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The following are some of my suggestions or possible itineraries and outings that I can take you on, whether for just a few hours, one or more whole days. Some are better known than others, well off the beaten tourist track. I can of course suit myself to your own particular wishes and interests, making other suggestions or put together a tailor made programme. Please tell what you like best! The possibilities are almost endless! Don’t hesitate to ask me!

From Cadaqués to the Faro del Fin del Mundo (End of the World Lighthouse).

Dorf Cadaqués

Cadaqués is probably the most picturesque and cut off village in the whole Costa Brava. With white-washed houses and cobbled backstreets, it borders a coast that features little beaches and a charming fishing port. Continue reading

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The Costa Brava, history and landscape.

Monastery Sant Pere de RodesIn the northern stretch of the Costa Brava, standing proudly in the midst of the Parque Natural de Cap de Creus ( Cape Creus Natural Park), is the splendid monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes, an impressive  Catalan Romanesque gem. Continue reading

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The Costa Brava, virgin coves.

Beach platja del Castell

Aside from the best known, sometimes heavily built up beaches of the Costa Brava, there are still quite a few stretches of coastline which retain their original state: filled with all their charms and hardly built upon, where both silence and solitude are still possible. Continue reading

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Bicycle trip round the Ebro Delta.

Restaurant on the seaThe Ebro Delta is an extensive, flatland to the south of Catalonia, which apart from its beaches, provides Continue reading

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The Costa Brava, away from its beaches.

Village Monellls

There’s more to the Costa Brava than sun and sand. In the region of the Baix Empordà (Lower Ampordan), Continue reading

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