The Costa Brava, history and landscape.

Monastery Sant Pere de RodesIn the northern stretch of the Costa Brava, standing proudly in the midst of the Parque Natural de Cap de Creus ( Cape Creus Natural Park), is the splendid monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes, an impressive  Catalan Romanesque gem. Castle Castell de Sant SalvadorIt’s sited at the top of a mountain, near the Castillo de Sant Salvador (Saint Salvador Castle) ruins, with fantastic views across the coast, making it unmissable when visiting this area. Likewise, little beautiful rural villages, that retain their old ambience, are hidden in the valleys amongst the mountains. Besides this, along the way, we’ll find little hermitages, farmhouses and dry-stone buildings serving agriculture and shepherding. This 7km route covers steep terrain, which is highly uneven at times, and can be completed in about 3 hours.

After this excursion, we will have the possibility of visiting the former capital of the medieval county of Empúries, the town of Castelló d’Empúries. Here we will see the gothic church of Santa Maria, knwon as the Empordà’s Cathedral, as well as the medieval streets of the town.

One day, return excursion, starting from your accommodation point.

Monastery Sant Pere de RodesMonastery Sant Pere de RodesCastelló d'EmpúriesCatedral de l'Empordà

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