The Catalan Pyrenees, a different view.

View from 2,800 m altitude in the Pyrenees

I propose that you travel with me around the beautiful Camprodon valley, visiting its little villages, finding its Romanesque churches and going deep into nature through mountain paths that are markedly alpine in character. Routes for all levels are available:

Dry sone cabin-        Itineraries around the dry-stone cabins. Get to know the old rural heritage of this area ( 2 options) , with splendid mountain views. An excursion of 2 to 4 hours, amidst wide open grasslands and old cultivated highland pastures, where nowadays flocks of sheep and herds of cattle graze. Suitable for all levels of fitness.

Carabineer barracks-        Excursion to an old carabineer barracks, situated fully in the mountains, with unbeatable views both towards the highest peaks and the distant Mediterranean. This excursion takes us across stunning meadows, gradually leading upwards. A four hour outing suited to all levels of fitness.

-        A climb up to the abandoned village of Feitús, fording the same river 5 times, through luxuriant Pyrenean Old stone village Feitúswoodlands. In Summertime, when the weather is good, there’s a chance to bathe in a river’s little pool. The village of Feitús is comprised of very old natural stone houses, taking us straight back to how people lived until not long ago. A most interesting trip! A four hour outing, suitable for all levels of fitness.

Costabona peak-        Ascent to the Costabona peak ( 2,448m), by way of a panoramic route, following a long forest track between two valleys. This excursion is about 3 hours on foot and requires an average level of physical fitness.

Hiking in the Pyrenees in summer-        Route amid the Setcases rivers, ascending through one valley and descending by another, crossing two beautiful, high mountain rivers, through incomparable scenery of flora and fauna. An outing of 4 hours with various opportunities to bathe in crystal clear river waters. With a bit of training, suited to all levels of fitness.

Lake Bacivers, Bastiments peak behind-        For the most daring, a dip in a high mountain lake, with the opportunity of ascending the Pic de Bacivers ( Peak of Bacivers) at 2,845m. An alpine type excursion of between 4 and 6 hours – not dangerous, though which demands a certain level of physical training. If at the end we’ve any strength left, there’s  also the adjacent Bastiments peak to climb, at a height of 2,884m, coming down and back by another path. In my opinion, this is one of the best mountain excursions in the area!

Romanesque church in  Beget-        Romanesque route: unbeatable XI and XII churches in Camprodon, Llanars, Molló, Rocabruna and Beget, ending the trip at this stunning village and with a chance to take a refreshing dip in the river’s pools. These churches comprise a clear example of the mountainous Catalan Romanesque. This route lasts around 4 hours, with sundry strolls through the aforementioned villages. There’s an opportunity to sample some traditional Catalan cuisine in Beget.

Monasterio de Santa Maria de Ripoll-       To complement the Romanesque trip, whether on the outgoing or return journey: one can visit two extraordinary Romanesque monasteries at Ripoll and Sant Joan de les Abadesses. Santa Maria de Ripoll has a unique, 12th century sculptured doorway; an incomparable two-floored cloister and various tombs of the nobility from Catalonia’s earliest days. Sant Joan de les Abadesses  then stands out for its sensational 12th century monastic church; a beautiful Gothic cloister and a group of sculptures from the Descent of the Cross, which is Gothic as well.

Roman road near Sant Pau de Segúries-        The Romans even reached this far: a trip through classic antiquity, along the Roman road of Sant Pau de Segúries. Two hour walk suited to all levels of fitness.

I can provide consultation for many other interesting excursions in this stunning Pyrenean valley. Just ask me!

One day return excursions, starting off from your accommodation point, or outings of 2 or more days, including a stay in a hotel or CRP.

Mountain Gra de FajolRomanesque bridge in CamprdonSunrise in the PyreneesOld building in the PyreneesVillage La Roca in winterRomanesque church in LlanarsRomanesque monastery in CamprodonRomanesque church in MollóIn SetcasesDry stone cabinDry stone cabinDry-stone constructionOn the way to BaciversDry-stone cabin near lake BaciversPyreneesThe carabineer barracks near the french borderA chamois very near to usThe Pyrenees in summerOld village FeitúsOld village FeitúsOld village FeitúsOld village FeitúsLake Bacivers in winterBacivers peak

 Romanesque doorway to the monastery of Santa Maria de RipollMonastery of Santa Maria de RipollCloister of the monastery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses

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