Girona, the great unknown.

Girona and river Onyar

It seems incomprehensible that the incredibly old city of Girona is so little visited, when compared to the Costa Brava nearby or the great metropolis of Barcelona, only 100km away. Furthermore, when one considers that it has one of the oldest, best conserved and most attractive medieval centres of the entire peninsular. Monastery Sant Pere de GalligantsBoth Romanesque and Gothic art are very well conserved and the cathedral has one of the largest Gothic domes in the world. Inaddition, Girona possesses a unique gem: the old jewish quarter or ‘El Call’ is one of the best conserved in Europe, with its narrow, tiered backstreets. A stroll through the medieval city is highly recommended, where we can visit these highlights, whilst finding out how everyday life is lived in those attractive streets of the old quarter.

One day return excursion, starting from your accommodation point.

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