Modernisme (Art Noveau) in Barcelona, not just Gaudí…

Art Noveau (Modernisme) in BarcelonaThe world renowned ‘modernist’ (art noveau) architect, Antoni Gaudí – who built amongst other edifices the Sagrada Familia temple, the Park Güell, or the incredibly well- known Barcelonese houses, La Pedrera, and the Casa Batlló – was truly a genius and nowadays is venerated as such. But he wasn’t the only one! Modernisme, detailThere’s a whole generation of architects within Catalan ‘Modernisme’ who stand out for their large number of works, whether in Barcelona or other towns. Many of these are well worth visiting. And aside from these there are many ‘untitled’ houses in Barcelona, with endless little details, whether constructive or decorative, that bear witness to the great importance of Barcelona as an architectural school at the end of the 19th and beginning of 20th century. Discover this hidden and little visited side of Barcelonese Modernism!

There are also many interesting modernistic buildings and monuments in several towns outside Barcelona. I can offer you some half day excursions to visit them. Please ask me!

This is a 2-3 hour return outing on foot, using bus and/ or metro.

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