The ‘Riera de Sant Aniol’, the swimming pool river.

River Sant Aniol

This valley is found right in the Parque Natural de la Alta Garrotxa (High Garrotxan Natural park). Surrounded by high crags, the ‘riera de Sant Aniol’ runs through it: a river which, due to the granite substrata of the area, generates constant natural dams and pools of crystal clear, clean water. Riera de Sant AniolIn summertime, the river invites one to take a dip, even swim amongst the many deep pools that we come across. The path flows along next to the river amongst luxuriant evergreen oak trees. After 3 hours walking, we reach the abandoned hermitage of Sant Aniol d’Anguja, situated in the middle of an impressive mountainous amphitheatre. Although this route isn’t difficult, it does require a good level of physical fitness, due to the length and duration.

After the excursion, we will have the possibility of visiting de beautiful medieval villages of Castellfollit de la Roca and Besalú.

One day return outing, starting off from your accommodation point.

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