The region of Collsacabra, country of great crags.

When heading some 80kms out of Barcelona, towards the Pyrenees, you find a mountainous region, characterised by massive rocky formations, dense vegetation and its own silence. There are a number of medieval villages and one often comes across hermitages as if lost in the woods.El FarLet’s go to two small, incredibly old villages, built entirely of natural stone and situated at a height of around 1,000 metres – Rupit and Tavertet, as starting points for various easy and pleasant excursions. You can enjoy unspoilt nature and fantastic panoramic views throughout these outings. At the end of the day we can walk back through the villages, which appear to be caught in time. There’s also a chance to discover and taste some of the local Catalan gastronomy.

There’s no need for any special physical fitness training for these walks. I recommend being somewhat used to walking for these excursions, which don’t cover any great differences in ground height -perhaps 200 metres maximum over the course of 3½ hours.

Distance from Barcelona: 80kms. Travel time: 1½ hours.

Excursions/ walks: up to 3½ hours. Ground levels: very easy, easy, medium, according to request.

One day return excursion, starting from your accommodation point.

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