Sarrià, an old village within the city.

Sarrià, an old village in BarcelonaAt the beginning of the 20th century, when Barcelona was growing rapidly, various villages which were once on the outskirts became incorporated into the city. In some cases these villages, which nowadays have become districts in the city, have maintained a very special physiognomy. They are characterised by still very narrow streets, buildings with a rural air, with one or other farmhouse seemingly lost there: all providing a very traditional atmosphere that enables us to understand something of their history, as well as reliving a little of traditional Catalonia, in the midst of this big cosmopolitan city. We can also find some very special shops and businesses no longer found in the city centre. Discover the other side of Barcelona!

This is a 2-4 hour return outing on foot, using bus and/ or metro.

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