Strait of Montrebei, a high steep walk.

Strait Montrebei

In the foothills of the Pyrenees, where mountainous forms give way to smooth agricultural grain lands, one finds one of the most surprising places in Catalonia. The strait of Montrebei is an impressive sheer cleft Strait of Montrebeiin the Montsec range, opened up by the river. A path cut into the side of the rock face, with its huge vertical walls – sometimes these reach as high as 500m – allows the hiker to go deep into a solitary world of vultures and otters. The route I propose is a 10km, 4 hour trip, which requires no special physical fitness, apart from being used to walking.

After the excursion we will have the possibilty of visiting the beautiful medieval village of Àger, with its castle and gothic church.

One day return outing, starting from your accommodation point.

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