The ‘Serra d’Ensija’, solitary mountain.

Mountain Serra d'Ensija

  The itinerary I suggest here is a classic high mountain circuit, around 5 or 6 hours long. It is set amongst wooded areas and high, solitary mountains, those of the ‘Alt Berguedà’ pre-Pyrenees. On the top of the Serra d'EnsijaAlong the way, we’ll visit abandoned farmhouses; see sheer rock walls, ascended by the occasional climber and we’ll reach the culminating peak of this range, which at 2,317m high, provides one of the best possible panoramic views in Catalonia. Given the nature of this route, a good level of physical fitness is required, as well as knowledge of mountaineering.

One day return excursion, starting off from your accommodation point.

Serra d'EnsijaSerra d'EnsijaSerra d'EnsijaSerra d'EnsijaSerra d'EnsijaSerra d'Ensija

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