Siurana, the final redoubt of the Moorish Queen.

Village Siurana

 The little village of Siurana, with its old houses and cobbled streets, evokes all the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. The Moorish kings ended their reign in this region’s lands.In Siurana The legend goes that the Moorish queen chose to jump off a precipice on her horse, rather than end up in the hands of Christian armies. The mountain ridges of Prades and Montsant, with their woods, vineyards and olive groves create an incomparable natural setting, providing an excursion full of surprises. I suggest a round trip itinerary, starting from Siurana, of about 10kms and 300m of level difference, on which we’ll cross gullies and streams, go through woods and around a reservoir, all in the middle of a beautiful landscape with great views.

One day return excursion, starting off from your accommodation point.

River Siurana

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