Stroll through Montjuic, the Olympic mountain and biggest green zone of Barcelona.

Barcelona seen from the Palau NacionalIn 1992, the 25th Olympic Games were held on this mountain, which is situated directly above the port of Barcelona. They are still very well remembered, besides which the Olympic Stadium and all the other interesting buildings and sports facilities bear witness to that culminating moment in the city of Barcelona. But Montjuic isn’t just an Olympic area: Palau Nacionalthis mountain comprises Barcelona’s largest concentration of parks, such that one could say it’s an immense green zone, as is the Tibidabo mountain across the other side of the city. I invite you to go round this area with me and visit, according to your particular interests: from the National Museum of Catalan Art (MNAC), which has arguably the best Romanesque art collection in the world, through the botanic garden, the Miró Foundation, the Spanish Village, to the castle situated at the top, and so on. And naturally without queues or waiting times, as I am an official guide. All the while enjoying the sensational views across the whole city, its port and the coast, whether looking northwards or south of Barcelona! Also using the spectacular cable car over the port!

This is a 3-4 hour return outing on foot, using bus and/ or metro.

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