The ‘Castellers’, human Catalan towers.

Castellers at the bottom of the towerThe Catalans, along with the Mumbai region of India, are the only people in the world to build human towers, known here as ‘Castellers’. Several hundred people, comprising men, women and children climb up on top of one another to form structures which can reach ten high. CastellersThis calls for skilled technique and plenty of practice. All help is welcome at the foot of the tower on street level, given that the throng of people has to ensure the necessary stability and strength for the whole edifice.

In Catalonia these human towers are in addition a treasured symbol of solidarity and collaboration between people and therefore of the continuity and survival of the Catalan nation.

Would you like to live this experience? I can suggest two options:

- Take part in a group of ‘castellers’, with commentaries by an expert (only Monday to Fridays, and on request). This way you can really make contact with local people.

- Attend a performance in one of the local festivals.

CastellersBoth of these options are possible, either in or outside Barcelona, although only on certain dates. If you opt for visiting one of the groups outside Barcelona, then the trip can combine with an interesting visit to a wine or cava bodega en route.

Half-day return trip, by car, bus or minibus, with pick-up from your accommodation.

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