The Spanish Civil War: causes, development and consequences.

Spanish Civil War 1936 - 1939Did you know that there is more historical literature available on the Spanish Civil War than the Second World War? This great ideological struggle of the 1930’s which took place in Spain and Europe continues to generate considerable interest, whether amongst the Spanish – who still find it difficult to reconcile their past- or for people from other countries.

As an historian who specialises in this subject, I can offer you a one-hour seminar, combining an urban route of a further three hours, in which you’ll discover the most important places and events of the Civil War in Barcelona. We will end the tour on the top of one of Barcelona’s hills, where the antiaircraft batteries were placed and from which we have nowadays the best view over the whole city. This is an ideal activity for students, or any groups interested in this subject. There is also a very central conference room available, should participants wish to present their own material on this matter.

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