The tranquil side of Barcelona.

The blue tram at the slope of the hill TibidaboI’d like to suggest a two hour stroll around the tranquil districts of detached houses and mansions at the foot of Tibidabo. At the beginning of the 20th century many important members of the local bourgeoisie built their villas here, many of which are in the Modernist style, pertaining to Catalonia. These houses are surrounded by beautiful gardens, often with a magnificent view of the city, and as a district it contrasts strongly with the stressful and chaotic metropolitan centre. At the end of this stroll we can take the opportunity catching the old ‘Tranvia Azul’ (Blue Tram), thence the funicular train up to Tibidabo. There’s a funfair up there with an old-fashioned air about it and from whence there’s an exceptional view over the whole of Barcelona.

This is a 2-4 hour return outing on foot, using bus and/ or metro.

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