Ull de Ter at Núria: a classic in the Catalan Pyrenees.

Sanctuary of NúriaHere we’re talking about a high altitude trek from Ull de Ter, source of one of Catalonia’s most important rivers, the Ter, to Núria sanctuary, both of which are situated at some 2,000m altitude. One should have an adequate level of physical fitness for this 6 hour excursion, that takes us along the Franco-Spanish border, during which we’ll ascend as far as 2,800m. We’ll go from peak to peak amid a landscape of high green meadows and enormous stone escarpments, in a completely alpine atmosphere. This outing doesn’t present any dangers and is ideally suited for groups of family and friends. The view, which looks towards the Carança lakes, located on the French slopes, is truly spectacular.  On arrival we can visit the sanctuary, situated in a beautiful mountain setting, surrounded by green pinewoods and where various high mountain rivers come together. We’ll go down using the local ‘zip’ train, which descends through impressive gorges.

One day return excursions, starting off from your accommodation point, or outings of 2 or more days, including a stay in a hotel or CRP.

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