Useful information

Transport from / to the airport:

Would you like to arrive at your hotel from the airport, safely, fast and comfortably? I can take care of picking you up. Just tell me what you need !

Arriving in your own car:

Via Laietana in BarcelonaAre you familiar with Barcelona? Would you like to be guided in your own private car to your accommodation. In such instances I have two places available at the city’s entrance, either north or south, where I can meet you and take you to your hotel. Just ask me!

Accommodation in Barcelona and the outlying region:

Do you need any hotel recommendations in Barcelona? Or perhaps you’d prefer staying in a ‘rural tourist’ house in the middle of the countryside, near to the city? Just let me know how I can help you.

You will find a complete, impartial list of accommodation in the official webpage of Barcelona’s town council, or ‘Ajuntament’. You can search it according to various criteria (type, location, classification etc.). Go to: Hotels in Barcelona.

Public transport in Barcelona:

Barcelona provides a very complex transport system, which is well-organised, fast, clean and safe. Aside from buses, trams and taxis, the metro system is wide-reaching, clearly laid-out and therefore highly recommendable. The waiting times are very short and it runs until midnight (all night on Saturdays). Tickets can be bought at all stations. Given that you will almost certainly use the metro many times during your stay in Barcelona, it’s really worth buying a 10 trip, ‘T10’ carnet, which can be used by more than one person. The current price for this is 9.80€, much cheaper than an individual ticket for one trip. The T10 can be used by various people travelling together, within a 75 minute time-span and across the whole Barcelona system, including changes from bus to metro. This means that the city of Barcelona comprises one single travel zone, and includes some peripheral districts, as well as the airport, therefore making it a very user-friendly public transport system.

Map of Barcelona: Barcelona

Official webpage of Barcelona city council, the ‘Ayuntamiento’, has a great deal of useful information about the city, its administration, a directory of its organisations and institutions, a map of the city, calendar of activities and much more: Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Documents required:

All visitors, whether from within or outside the Schengen zone, are required to travel with the relevant identity or passport documents, as there may well be road checks or the like. Drivers must have with them their licence, vehicle documentation and the green insurance permit. Making photocopies of all important documents is highly recommended, so that substitutes can be obtained should the originals be lost or stolen. In such cases one must go to the local police station as well as your own consulate (USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand).

Health assistance:

There is an agreement in place between all the main European Union countries, which includes Spain, guaranteeing free health assistance. One must have the E-111 printed out, covering and accessing this health care. Should you be arriving here from a country outside the European Union, taking out additional travel insurance to cover health assistance is highly recommended, as this can be very useful in some instances.