Catalonia’s climate

Everyone knows that the Summer is a very hot season in Spain. In this sense, Catalonia is no exception, although depending on the area, it’s worth taking some specifics into account. In addition to the rigours of this summertime heat, the coastal areas in general and the city of Barcelona in particular are subject to high levels of atmospheric humidity, such that the climate seems sultry. July and August are especially tough in this way and are therefore not the best months to visit the great metropolis of Barcelona. Barcelonese people themselves tend to leave the city in droves for this period.

SummerHolidays spent along the coast are generally seen to be pleasant, as being able to bathe in the sea suffices to freshen one up. It’s best to avoid central Catalonia and especially the area around Lleida province in high summer. However, the Pyrenees provide moderate heat in the daytime and pleasantly cool nights. Occasional rain adds a pleasant freshness to the climate. Nevertheless, mountain excursions have to start off at daybreak, as one can get very hot in summertime at 2,000 metres altitude. Although there are no beaches in the mountains, there are plenty of rivers running with fresh clean water, tempting one to take a dip.

SpringSpring is the best season to visit a city such as Barcelona, as it is inland, away from the coast. Cool nights alternate with an almost summertime daytime heat, although it can get quite cold in the mountains. This is a season of frequent showers, though they may not last very long. The Spring in Catalonia comes with a whole palette of colours, making it particularly pleasant for trips inland and amongst the wildlife.

AutumnAutumn is very similar to Spring, though perhaps somewhat rainier. It’s therefore also a good season for trips to Barcelona or inland within Catalonia.

Which then leaves us with Winter. Wintertime is cold both in Barcelona and across the whole country. However, if the weather is good, then the temperature can rise at midday, making walks or even mountain trips very pleasant. WinterThe fact of the sea being there often tempers the climate, so that we could say we enjoy a temperate winter. It tends to snow quite heavily in the Pyrenees, covering the mountains with a blanket of snow from approximately 2,000 metres.

Conclusion: Barcelona and Catalonia are perfect for visiting throughout the year, well able to adapt to all those seasonal weather conditions regularly forecast.