From Cadaqués to the Faro del Fin del Mundo (End of the World Lighthouse).

Dorf Cadaqués

Cadaqués is probably the most picturesque and cut off village in the whole Costa Brava. With white-washed houses and cobbled backstreets, it borders a coast that features little beaches and a charming fishing port. Starting from here, we’ll take a simple, though long route of around 12km, Haus und Museum Salvador Dalí in Port Lligatleading us to the Faro de Cap de Creus ( Cape Creus lighthouse), by way of Port Lligat, the house-turned-museum of genius painter, Salvador Dalí. We’ll be crossing wild and tough terrain, covered in aromatic plants, where once, now old and no longer cultivated vineyards were delimited by a plethora of abandoned terraces. At the same time, we’ll go past wild little coves, where we can take a refreshing dip in the sea, assuming that the strong northerly Tramontana wind allows it. Eventually, the Cape Creus lighthouse signals the point at which the Pyrenees blend into the sea.  

One day, return excursion, starting from your accommodation point.

Lighthouse at Cap de Creus

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